Download the latest ERBU files here:
ERBU v3.0.87, released 14-Sep-2022
Installation Package. Fully installs ERBU. (Recommended for new users) Update Executable. Quickly upgrades your ERBU to the latest version without reinstalling. (Recommended for current users) What's new in this version? Added hybrid backups. CF or CM script support. Non-IE browser support. here. For a complete version history, click How do I upgrade to a new version? If you currently have a 3.0.x version on ERBU, you just need to download the update by clicking the 'Executable Only' button above. Clicking the button will start the download of a new ERBU executable. Copy the downloaded executable to the ERBU directory overwriting the the old one. The executable will contain the latest features described in the 'What's new' section. When you run the executable it will automatically upgrade any supporting files that need to be upgraded. As the executable makes the upgrades you will see messages describing the updates being made. Remarks To ensure the origin and integrity of the downloads all files are digitally signed by 'Eric Labs LLC' (the author). Make sure you check the digital siganture. Do not install or use a copy of ERBU where the digital signature is missing or invalid. Documents ERBU 3.0 User Manual Getting Started with ERBU (Video) .NET Framework 4.5.1 (Web Installer) Microsoft VB6 Runtimes for Windows 7