What is Eric's Robot Backer Upper? Eric's Robot Backer Upper (ERBU) is a powerful FTP client used to backup FANUC robots. It's intended for use by robot programmers, software developers and industrial end users. What are its features?
  • Backup dozens of robots with just one click! (Demo is limited to one robot)
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Robots are organized into projects making it easy to recall IP addresses, robot names, associated folders, and other information when switching between jobs
  • Manual or scheduled backups
  • Supports 3rd party applications for quickly connecting to robots using Web, Telnet or additional FTP clients
  • Many useful tools for FANUC robots such as:
  • All ERBU functionality is available to use on FANUC virtual robots
  • Robots can be validated by their F Numbers or MAC address in cases where IP addresses might change
  • Right click menus to quickly navigate to the robot homepage, vision setup, vision runtime and comment page
  • Synchronize the robot's clock to the backup PC's clock easily and remotely
  • Cycle power on robots remotely
  • Run command files (KCL) locally on the backup PC rather than manually running from the teach pendant (the file is never sent, only the commands it contains)
  • Abort and deselect programs remotely
  • Image backups
  • Advanced file and backup compares
Where can I get it? You can get v3.0.x from the download page here. What does it cost? The limited demo version is FREE! The full version requires a license which costs $10 US + 6% sales tax. What does it look like? Screen shots: Main Screen Transfer Screen Main Screen Transfer Screen Compatibility? Windows