Register your copy of ERBU and get a license key You must have a license key to use ERBU. A license key is only valid for a single computer. The license fee is only valid for a single license key generated by this website. License keys are purchased though PayPal. By using PayPal you will automatically be registered Registering allows us to help you if something goes wrong during your purchase or if you ever need a replacement 'authorize.rf' file. You will receive the license key via email after the transaction completes. Instructions for licensing ERBU
  • Install ERBU on the computer you intend to run it on
  • The first step is important since the license is only valid for a specific computer
  • Run ERBU on the computer you intend to run it on
  • If you don't already have a key, ERBU will generate one and prompt you to paste it into this page
  • Paste the registration key into the textbox, or you can upload the 'register.rf' file that gets generated
  • After pasting the code (or uploading the file), click the Submit button
  • Process the transaction through Stripe
  • After the payment completes you will be given your licensing (authorization) key, or you can download the 'authorize.rf' file
  • Paste the authorization key into the textbox on the ERBU prompt, or copy the 'authorize.rf' file to the folder where you installed ERBU
  • If you're using the file method, you will need to restart ERBU
  • You will now have a fully functional copy of ERBU
License Here Upload 'register.rf' file Choose a valid registration file. -- OR -- Enter registration key Paste a registration key (48 digits, include dashes). After submitting your key (either by upload or by paste), the server will process your key. If your key appears valid, you will be taken to a page allowing you review your key and proceed through the payment process. If the key is not valid, you will stay on this page so you can resubmit. What Happens Next?